The BWP passport

What is the importance of a BWP passport?

A BWP passport is of great importance. It is more than just an identity card for your horse or pony. BWP has become a strong brand over the years. The BWP passport has therefore also a commercial value. The passport is a certificate of registration in one of our officially approved studbooks.

Our largest studbook, the Belgian Warmblood Horse, was founded in 1955 under the name ‘vzw Nationale Fokvereniging van het Landbouwrijpaard’ (National Breeding Association of the Draft Riding Horse). Over the years the best genes from several European bloodlines were brought together to eventually breed a unique and superior sport horse, the Belgian Warmblood horse.

This breed is highly regarded at national and international tournaments and a permanent fixture in the top of the rankings. When your horse or pony is recognised by the BWP you not only ensure the conservation of one of the world’s best studbooks, your horse or pony also can gain more prestige with our quality labels.

Change of ownership: What do I do?

An official change of ownership is only possible with the original studbook certificate (passport) of the horse or pony. The passport includes a page on which you can fill out the data of the new owner (name and address).

Next you send the passport with the correct data to the BWP by post (Waversebaan 99 3050 Oud-Heverlee). The service is free for members and the change of ownership will processed immediately. When the change is processed we will return the passport. Non-members will receive an invoice. When the payment is received we will process the registration of the new owner and return the passport.

Click here for change of ownership for non-members.

What do I do when the former owner of my horse/pony did not sign?

That is not a problem. The principle is ‘the paper follows the horse’ regarding changes of ownership. In case the horse or pony was owned by a single person, the change of ownership can proceed without signature. In case the horse or pony has multiple owners, this is not possible. It will be necessary that all former owners sign the passport of the animal. Only then the BWP office can process the change.

What if the new owner took the registration/passport, but did not process the change?

In order to avoid that former owners are mentioned in the passport of a horse that has been sold, you can, as last known owner, have your name removed. It is not necessary to allocate a new owner. You can do this by telephone or by email.

Membership does not have to be paid in order to process a change of ownership. Change of ownership is for free for BWP members. Non-members have to pay a fee.

Click here for change of ownership for non-members.

What do I do in the case of loss of the passport?

You can request a duplicate in case of loss of the passport. This is only possible under the following conditions:

  • Only a BWP registered owner of the horse/pony involved can request a duplicate.
  • The application must be done in writing to
  • The costs for the duplicate must have been paid.

When the above mentioned conditions are met, and the animal is registered in Belgium, a BWP representative will check the animal on site. The owner will receive the requested duplicate when the representative delivers a positive advice.

In the case it concerns an animal abroad, the following elements, delivered to the secretariat by the applicant, will apply:

  • Pictures of the horse involved
  • Description, delivered by a veterinarian
  • Prove of the correctness of the pedigree through a DNA or blood test

The fee for a duplicate has to be paid even if no duplicate can be issued after the check.

What must be done with the passport when my horse/pony dies?

First and foremost, our condolences with your loss. When your horse or pony dies you have to send the passport to the secretariat of the BWP. After processing the death in our database, the passport will get a stamp that says “document invalid, horse died on….”. Usually the passport stays a the BWP offices. Only at the express request the passport can be returned to the owner to keep.